Get Global Expeditions (GGEX)

Moroccan Treasures Cuisine & Culture Tour

**Featuring Celebrity Chef & Culinary Diplomat, Amy Riolo**

November 1 - 12, 2016 






​Get Global Expeditions (GGEx) is excited to offer an exclusive fall 2016 journey to Morocco that will explore the cultures, colors, sensations, hospitality--and its trademark savory & sweet cuisine--for which this North African country is renowned. Celebrity chef, author, and Mediterranean cuisine advocate, Amy Riolo, and GGEx’s Morocco expert, Alex Safos, will lead this delicious, intimate, enlightening, and sophisticated tour. 










                Chef Amy Riolo

This experiential insiders expedition will include hands-on cooking classes, guest lectures, guided tours to UNESCO  World Heritage sites, and leisure time for shopping and sampling the country’s diverse local fare (tagines, b'stilla, couscous, rustic breads, honey-drenched pastries, succulent olives, fresh oranges, preserved lemons, sweet almonds, countless dates, reputable wine, and ever-flowing mint tea). The late King Hassan II described Morocco’s complex essence best: “Rooted in Africa, watered by Islam, and rustled by the winds of Europe.” Join us and discover this mesmerizing culture through its food and people!

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This multi-layered itinerary will traverse: commercial, cosmopolitan Casablanca with its magnificent Hassan II mosque and Jewish Museum (the only such kind in the Arab World); Fes, with its timeless medina or “old city”, an Arab locus of commerce, religion and art during the Middle Ages and the spiritual heart of modern-day Morocco; “The Rose City” of Marrakech with its African, frontier-like spirit, glamorous panache, and storied Djemaa el Fna or “Square of the Dead”; and the picturesque, laid-back, charming Atlantic coastal town of Essaouira.


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